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I am currently investigating email errors when checking or sending mail affecting multiple clients. Service/mail delivery is not impacted.

Update: This is a widespread problem with one of my hosting providers and is being worked on. My customers are not the only affected by this issue. Will update in a few hours.

Update #2 – “The internet at large (including one of my hosts) is hammering the Letsencrypt servers trying to drop the expired certs, so they have implemented rate limiting to stabilize their servers. As of now, the action is to wait. autossl sees the bad cert and is trying to correct it but the server needs validation to finalize. ”

Update #3 – From Let’s Encrypts Twitter “Our cross-signed DST Root CA X3 expired today. If you are hitting an error, check out fixes in our community forum. We’re seeing higher than normal renewals, so you may experience a slowdown in getting your certificates.” Slowdown would be an understatement….