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Service outage

There appears to be another large service outage for one of my hosting providers affecting multiple customers. This time a different one. There is no ETA for resolution at this time. Thank you for your patience. Updates will be here and on Facebook. Update: Issues...

Major Twitch Data Leak

If you have a Twitch account, now would be a good time to enable 2 Factor Authentication. Also, if your Twitch password is used anywhere else (the same), you should change it for those other services.  ...

E-mail and SSL errors

I am currently investigating email errors when checking or sending mail affecting multiple clients. Service/mail delivery is not impacted. Update: This is a widespread problem with one of my hosting providers and is being worked on. My customers are not the only...

E-mail service

I am currently investigating an e-mail issue affecting a few domains. Thank you for your patience. UPDATE: RESOLVED.